Sunday, December 08, 2013

IFFK 2013 – Day 3

It turned out to be a Super Sunday, to borrow a quote from the football telecast. I had planned to watch some other movies. But I ended up watching Rocket, Jonathas’ Forest and Berlin -07. No complaints, though. Each of these films was dissimilar from the others in terms of treatment and theme. Yet, all these had one common factor: they were the results of high-quality film-making.


What is written in Rotten Tomatoes about Rocket is true: If this movie does not move your heart, you’re not human. This is an ebulliently charming movie that tells the story of a young boy named Ahlo. He was a twin who supposedly brings bad luck to the others near him, as per the village belief. As if to validate the village myth, his moth dies in an accident, and he becomes cause of many other accidents. He is an energetic and tireless boy bubbling with ideas and drive.

The story starts when his family was forced to abandon their house and fields and relocate to another village, because of the construction of a new dam. In the new location, which is more like a refugee camp than a promised land, our hero finds enough space to cause all kinds of mischief in the company of a girl called Kia. When his mischief crosses the line, they were ousted from the camp. They ended up in a village which has an abundance of abandoned bombs and missiles. They reach there just in time for a Rocket festival, which the village authorities conduct to bring rain. The effervescent – decides to participate in the dangerous contest.

The summing up of the story cannot convey the magic on the screen. There is never a dull moment in the movie, yet it portrays the agony and helplessness of the ordinary folks in a telling way. The director has managed to find the celluloid alchemy for blending satire, fun and sentiments in right proportion. All the actors have given sensational performance too.

Jonathas’ Forest

This is an art house drama about the Amazon forests as well as about a young boy living nearby. He lives with his agricultural family and sells the farm proceeds to tourists. One day he goes to an impromptu camp along his brother and a beautiful Ukraine-born American tourist. He promises to bring her wild passion fruit and goes into the forest in search of the fruit. And he loses the way and gets sucked into the dense forests of Amazon.

Berlin -07

The film narrates the story of two Iraqi families who try to migrate to Germany illegally, just as the American occupation begins in Iraq. They managed to reach Berlin clandestinely. But they face all kinds of troubles in a foreign country for obtaining residence permit and citizenship. The film powerfully captures the agony and helplessness of ordinary people caught in the mire of global politics.

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